John Hurst

Summary of Qualifications

Specialist in application of technology to entertainment production, combining more than two decades of professional audio engineering experience and more than a decade of professional information technology and motion picture engineering experience. Demonstrated ability to work as a team member and leader. Able to produce rapid, professional results in dynamic environments.

Work Experience

2005 - present - Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, CineCert, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

Co-founded entertaiment technology firm which provides consulting services and software solutions to companies and institutions using digital cinema. CineCert products are used by some of the most well-known companies in the motion picture industry to create and protect d-cinema distributions worldwide.

2003 - 2005 - consultant

Provide d-cinema consulting services to companies and institutions, including participation in SMPTE DC28 Technology Committee, editing and ballot resolution for proposed standards in DC28.20 and DC28.10, development of concepts for proposed standards, implementation strategy consultation, software development, individual tutorials on emerging standards and public speaking in support of d-cinema standards. Client list and references available upon request.

2003 - 2005 - consultant, Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), Hollywood, CA

Responsible for design and development in C++ of an open source library which implements proposed SMPTE standards for encrypted d-cinema track files. Worked with industry representatives to integrate software into commercial d-cinema devices. Library users include most major d-cinema manufacturers and distributors. Developed XML Schema library for proposed Intra-Theater Message System (ITM).

2003 - 2005 - Chief Technical Engineer, Studio Without Walls, West Los Angeles, CA

Responsible for design, construction and maintenance of portable high-resolution multitrack digital recording studios and computing systems. Developed secure online delivery facility for digital session elements. Publicly represent company's interests with clients, vendors, standards bodies and business development partners. Supervise design, fabrication, transportation and logistics.

2000 - 2003 -- Senior Software Engineer, Avica Technology Corp., Santa Monica, CA

Lead software developer for company's d-cinema mastering and exhibition products. Responsible (with CTO) for system architecture, design and development. Primary author and maintainer of core libraries including platform compatibility (Win32/POSIX), RPC, MPEG, XML, cryptography and file formats. Publicly represented company's interests with clients, business development partners and standards bodies.

1998 - 2000 -- Senior Software Engineer, Interpacket Group, Santa Monica, CA

Designed asymmetric TCP/IP-via-satellite system, which grew to serve hundreds of international ISP customers worldwide from teleports on three continents. Developed global streaming media cache system. Located and recruited key employees. Supervised network security practices and software development efforts. Publicly represented company's interests with clients, vendors and business development partners.

1997 - 2005 -- consultant

Provide consulting and development services for database intensive web sites and online publishing systems. Clients include GRAFX, The Learning Network ( and the Legal Resource Network ( Provide Internet infrastructure services and consulting. Clients include Audio Intervisual Design (, Conway Recording (, Studio Without Walls ( and Visioneering Design (

1996 - 2000 -- Board Member and Lecturer, Certificate in Audio Technology Program, California State University at Northridge College of Extended Learning, Northridge, CA

Participated in program management, curriculum design and candidate selection. Recruited board members and lecturers. Authored and presented two four-hour modules on digital electronics and information technology.

1996 - 1997 -- Senior Network Engineer, Pacific Ocean Post, Santa Monica, CA

Responsible for design, maintenance and security of all production and administrative computing networks and central services. Designed and maintained mixed topology, mixed protocol network spanning seven buildings, combining TCP/IP, AppleTalk, CIFS, Netware and proprietary protocols over Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ATM and common WAN technologies. Advised engineering groups on network design and security. Approved network designs. Publicly represented company's interests with clients, vendors and business development partners. Integrated networks of acquired companies. Supervised support personnel.

1995 -- Director of Engineering, Virtualize, Santa Monica, CA

Responsible for all technical aspects of World Wide Web development firm. Developed contest software and online publishing system for the first official Academy Awards® web site. Developed online publishing system to support editing of text and multimedia for the Academy of Achievement web site. Supervised one junior programmer.

1994 -- consultant, Pacific Ocean Post, Santa Monica, CA

Designed and supervised installation of five digital audio-for-picture mixing suites (AMS Logic + AudioFile) and one central machine room, including upgrades for two existing machine rooms. Installation features extensive use of automated routing of video and digital audio signals.

1994 -- consultant, Machine Head, Venice, CA

Designed and installed five sound design and music composition suites and one central machine room. Unique modular design allows rapid, inexpensive re-configuration. Designed and installed telecom and data facilities.

1990 - 1994 -- Technical Director, Conway Recording, Hollywood, CA

Responsible for all technical aspects of three room music recording facility. Directed extensive custom electronics upgrade program. Installed first Focusrite Studio Console in North America. Acted as beta test site for many manufacturers including Focusrite, GML, Seimens, AT&T and Studer. Trained and supervised assistant engineers and technicians.

1988 - 1990 -- Technician, The Complex, West Los Angeles, CA

Responsible for setup and electronic maintenance at audiophile recording facility. Co-designed and implemented overhaul of two GML 7900 series automated recording consoles. Constructed custom test and recording electronics. Trained and supervised assistant engineers and junior technicians.

1987 - present -- Location Recording Engineer

Responsible for setup, operation, and maintenance of location recording and live broadcast facilities. Credits:
Records • Aztec Camera, Crosby & Nash, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Healey, Joe Satriani, Seal, Sting, Tom Waits • Film • The Eagles, The Judds, Nine Inch Nails, U2 • Television • The Academy of Country Music Awards, Aerosmith, Sheryl Crow, The Disneyland Christmas Parade, Live From The Hard Rock, Wynton Marsalis, Les Paul, The Soul Train Awards, Sting (2004 Emmy® winner for sound), That's What Friends Are For 1989/90, James Taylor, The Tracey Ullman Show • Radio • Melissa Etheridge, Graham Nash, Joni Mitchell, The Playboy Jazz Festival 1994/95/96, Joe Walsh.

1986 - 1988 -- Technician, The Record Plant, Hollywood, CA

Responsible for set up and maintenance of recording studios, remote trucks and film scoring stages. Trained assistant engineers and junior technicians. Supervised junior technicians. Constructed patch bay and card frames for custom 32 x 3 recording console. Installed SSL SL4056E automated console. Installed Neve V60/GML console.

1982 - 1985 -- Technician, Triad Productions, Des Moines, IA

Constructed show control computer systems, power supplies, audio equipment and wiring harnesses for show control division. Installed and maintained recording equipment. Assisted and engineered studio and remote recording sessions.

Other Work Experience (Details Upon Request)

1999 -- Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA - Console installation.
1996 -- Brandon's Way Recording, Hollywood, CA - Studio installation refactoring.
1995 -- Record Plant / EFX , Hollywood, CA - Six studio and four console installations.
1994 -- D'Elia / Wittkofski Sound, Pittsburgh, PA - Studio and console installation.
1990 -- Margarita Mix, Hollywood, CA - Two studio and console installations.
1986 -- Metro Studio, Minneapolis, MN - Studio and console installation.
1985 -- Nicollet Studios, Minneapolis, MN - Studio and console installation.


1982 -- Graduate, Herbert Hoover High School, Des Moines, IA

Professional Memberships & Activities

Fellow, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
Member, Audio Engineering Society (AES)

Related Activities

FCC licensed radio amateur (KG6DFG)

References available upon request.